Free Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Beginner's Masterpiece

Professional Video Recording

Whether you want to record screen, gameplay or your webcam,

GoPlay can help you easily achieve it.

Screen Recording

Easily record every pixel of the screen.

Game Recording

Support all 3D/OpenGL and mobile games.

Webcam Recording

Easily record life moments.


Superb HD video quality gives you true-to-life images.

What Top Review Sites Say


GoPlay is a smart choice for video capture software. The tools it has are solid and can be learned and used by alomost anyone.


GoPlay is an easiest to use Windows video sceen recorder and editor 2 in 1 program for people to create YouTube video.

First and Geek

GoPlay is one of the must have software application that should keep by all game lovers.

Multi-Track Video Editing

Every video, every audio, every letter and every picture has a track that can be edited


Quick Editing

Easily split and merge your videos and music.

Music and Sound Effects

Massive online music library,includes dynamic sound effects.

Picture in Picture

Easily add pictures or videos into a video.

Real-Time Dubbing

Powerful dubbing and multi-track audio mixing.

Captioning YouTube Video Quickly

GoPlay subtitle feature lets you to add captions to your video directly. Increase your

engagement on social media by adding subtitles in easy way.

Edit Subtitles Efficiently

Customizes subtitles with different effects

Increase Engagement

Real time preview subtitles in your video

Easily Upload Caption Files

Quick uploading Caption or Transcript files

Sync Subtitle Quickly

Adjust inaccurate captions easily

Gorgeous Video Effects

Exquisite text effects, transition animation, video filters and Hollywood

movie tones instantly make your work different.

Advanced Text

Quickly produce subtitles and

intro for your movies.


Seamless video transition

without leaving traces.


A variety of exquisite filters,

showing stunning visual effects.

Change Speed Freely

Speed up and slow motion. Free

control of the video play rhythm.

One-click upload to

One-stop upload. Easily share your latest videos with your YouTube


Excellent Features

Make your videos creative.

Basic Editing

Noise Removal

Social Export

Various Music & Text

Picture in Picture

Screen Recording

Gorgeous Video Effects

Advanced Tools

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